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We are still working on finishing this page. See below to see a list of service we provide for home users.

Many basic problems can be resolved by a remote connection and small changes. This will provide almost instant resolution to your problem. We love to visit our clients though if your problem needs more “hands-on” care.
We have many years’ experience helping people use the Windows and Apple systems well. We are a fan of both.
With our home computers holding sensitive and irreplaceable data, backups are increasingly more important to home users. We will provide a solution that will be easy and keep your data safe.
We provide the same preventative maintenance software that is used by our small business clients to our home clients. Preventative maintenance will help detect problems before they become major issues.
If you need some personalized training on your software, we are happy to help walk you through best practice steps to using the software well. We often can troubleshoot software that we have never used.
We are experienced in many areas of your home technology. This includes your home network and internet, home entertainment centers, and multimedia software and remotes.
We are happy to give our recommendations for products we trust for your home. We would be happy to order and install them on your schedule.
We believe the internet is a wonderful source of information for your family, but also a very dangerous place for inexperienced browsers. We want to help protect your family from malicious internet sites and users.
We want you to feel comfortable to reach out to us for any questions, even the small ones. For established clients, we don’t charge for minor questions. We want to partner with you in supporting your home technology.
Tablets, Smartphones, Smart Watches… We understand them all and can help you to configure and maintain these devices.
Some home users want to have a personalized email address to make it easier to use in case of switching Internet providers or just for something catchy. We can help with this.