We know you have wondered… Getting email in your Outlook with the odd L) or something like that? Someone is sending you a pleasant Emoji, but Outlook is not rendering it, so it looks like an ugly L. Because we know this is important to you, we have a fix!
In Windows, open IE. Hold the Alt Key and Press T and then O to bring up Internet Options (Or just go to the Control Panel and Internet Options). Click on the Advance tab and then check the box next to “Use software rendering instead of gpu rendering” at the top. 
Now bask in the pleasure of Emoji goodness. 🙂
There are other reasons why it may not work, but this is a common one on PCs. If you are on a Mac, unfortunately, you are a bit out of luck. 🙁 The problems with Outlook talking with a Mac have to do with fonts.
Now that you know, please remember to use emoji wisely. A simple 😉 does not give someone free will to say whatever they want…bless their heart.